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Our History

The History of The Mountain View Police Officers' Association

The Mountain View Police Officers' Association was founded in 1969, primarily as a social organization for the planning and funding of departmental picnics and banquets. Whoever the sitting Police Chief happened to be automatically became the President of The Association.

This idealistic arrangement lasted for several years, putting on splendid retirement dinners, but doing little or nothing for the plight of the rank-and-file. The situation eventually became tense, especially after several attempts to procure a competitive retirement package failed.

With the passage of the Meyer-Milias-Brown act, giving collective bargaining rights to public employee unions, the Association became more politically active. In 1981, the Association orchestrated a brief "Blue Flu"; at issue was Mountain View's outdated retirement plan, which had remained static while other agencies adopted the "2 at 50" CHP plan. Mountain View had become a training ground for rookie officers, who would stay for a year and then move on to another department with a better retirement plan.

Mountain View officers became politically active, endorsing City Council candidates, actively walking election precincts (or neighborhoods) on their behalf, and delivering several into office. Shortly after former Police Chief Robert K. Schatz was elected to the City Council, MVPD officers finally won a retirement plan on par with neighboring agencies, and more importantly, they had the attention of the City Council.

In the following years, the Association has collectively bargained for and received compensation packages which have made the Mountain View Police Department an agency which attracts qualified rookie police officer candidates as well as experienced lateral officers. The Association and City Council now maintain a positive relationship.

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